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Why is My Blogger Blog Showing Only One Post on the Homepage? Here is a fix

There comes that time you notice that your blogger blog is displaying only one post on the homepage when it is supposed to be showing far more than one. If you have encountered that issue, thank your creator for finding your way in here. There are several reasons why your blogger blog will display only one or sometimes two posts on the homepage. In the first case, someone tampered with the settings authorizing the number of posts shown on your blog's homepage. To solve this, in your blog's dashboard, go to Layout. Click Edit on the Blog Posts gadget and see if the number of posts value is set to 10 posts. Then go to Settings scroll down Posts. Make sure it is set 10 posts. If you're still having an issue, there is another possibility too. The newer Blogger themes will show a single post on the homepage if there are many images in the post, even if the images do not show on the main page of the blog. The same also happens when you insert a long table in a blog post. The so

Best Crawlers and indexing settings for your Blogger Blog

Do you want your BlogSpot blog content crawled, indexed and, ranked quickly? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place. Firstly, let’s find out what is what is crawling and indexing.  What is crawling? In general terms, crawling involves discovering new or updated pages to add to Google or Bing. The process is conducted by search engine bots or spiders. What is indexing? Indexing simply amounts to processing information found by search engines after crawling and storing the same in an index. An index is like a big library of web pages that can be retrieved when one performs a search. The terms crawling and indexing are sometimes used interchangeably although they refer to different things. Moving away from definitions, more often than not, when you create a new website , it takes time for search engines like Google and Bing to crawl and index your pages. Nevertheless, by enabling and setting up crawlers and indexing settings from your blogger dashboard the process is enhanced.

How To Start A Blog On Blogspot & Make Money in 2022

One of the best decisions you can make in 2021 is to start a blog. A blog provides you with a platform to express your thoughts and share them with the world. Blogging is also a proven way to make money online. I have been making a decent income from blogging for over four years now. There are various platforms where you can create a blog such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and Ghost, etc. In this article we will focus on blog creation on Blogger, a Google-owned content management system(CMS), which allows you to own a blog on the sub-domain for free. The steps below will guide you on how to start a blog on Blogger the right way: Step 1: Decide Your Niche One of the first decisions you make after deciding you want to start a blog is to figure out what you will blog about. Some new bloggers fall into the trap of writing about everything that comes to mind. Yes, blogging is about sharing your thoughts, research, and experience, but if you are interested in prof

9 Most Common Ways to Make Money with Your Blog in 2022

Making money from your website isn't easy. These ten avenues are probably your best bet to get started. 1. Affiliate Marketing (.. and affiliate links) Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular (not to mention quickest) ways to make money from your website or blog. Start by finding a product you like and would recommend. Then on your website, you endorse the product and promote it to your website visitors and email subscribers. If the product or service resonates with these people, they'll click on your affiliate link , purchasing the product (while you get a split of the sale price). Where can I find products to promote? Commission junction – offers reliable products with on-time payments. ShareASale – mostly clothes, accessories, and other offline goods. Clickbank – high percentage payouts, but there's a lack of GOOD products to promote. Amazon   – a great option with above average commission rates. 2. Pay Per Click Advertising (Google Adsense ) AdWords are the ad

How To Integrate Custom Domain With Blogger Blog 2022

A custom domain is a unique branded name that identifies a website for example Google’s custom domain is . When creating a blog on blogger you are provided with a web address on the blogspot domain i.e. . The address is great, but if you are serious about blogging it’s even better when you have your own custom domain name. Why is custom domain important for a website? Credibility – your own domain makes your blog look serious and professional. Memorability – it’s no brainer remembering something like is easier than for your users. Custom emails – an email that uses your own domain name, such as How to setup custom domain in Blogger blog Setting up a custom domain in Blogger is a simple process that doesn’t necessitate having any special skills. Foremost, you are required you’re required to purchase a domain name from a domain registrar like Namesilo or G